Why do I blog?




 Why do I blog?

I blog not because I hope to gain a huge following or make a ton of money.

I blog because I want help lift other people up.

I received my masters in counseling and knew I wanted a career as a counselor in helping people who were having a difficult time- especially kids. Life had other plans and I have decided to stay home to be with my littles… but I still have this desire to help. To connect. To Share. To learn.



Unfortunately, I don’t get to writing as much as I hoped to. But I still have such a desire to do it. I know there will be a time and a season where I can make this my focus. I need to be patient. My time to focus on this blog will come sooner than I know. But for now,  bare with us as we have little humans who depend on us and take up most of our time.

 I  blog because I feel like if I can reach at least one person who is need of some encouragement whether through a personal experience or through some information- then I feel it’s well worth it. I’ve done my job. I love interacting and learning from one another. So, feel free to ask a question or say hello!

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On another note- I am writing for How Does She again and just wrote this post about 5 parenting tips I learned from my kiddos.

 Go take a look right here what they are!




















PS. Did anyone else loose a crazy amount of hair after having babies…Look at my receding hair line in some of those pics!! Yikes!

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Cristi is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in child and parent connection. She has a passion for her family, the outdoors, photography, and mint oreos.

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