Summer Jars

I have been feeling pretty unsettled lately… lots of changes going on over here…not only am I expecting my THIRD baby next month… but in less than a week I will have a child going to kindergarten! KINDERGARTEN!!!

Did anyone else feel so MANY emotions when this milestone occurred!? It makes my stomach turn and my eyes water every time I think about dropping off this little one (who is not so little anymore) to a giant elementary school. Eeeek. Maybe I am a tad dramatic but it just is such a crazy feeling to be starting this new adventure.

I feel like we are just settling into summer and so many things I feel like we still need to do!

So what better way to finish off the summer with our summer jars to make sure we live it up! The original post is one I wrote for on How Does She right {here} if you want to see more about the process of making the jars.

Basically we have two jars that we decorated and labeled one with “Do” and one with “Did.”




Then we typed out our summer bucket list, printed it, and glued them onto our popsicle sticks…



And bam thank you ma’am! You have your summer bucket list ready to complete. Simply pull out one or two each day and transfer them to the “Did” jar once you have done them.

Hurry go out and enjoy the rest of the summer!!


By the way Big Donut (that’s my five year old’s nickname) pulled out “slip n slide” and asked what that was….




We fixed that problem!







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4 thoughts on “Summer Jars”

  1. Ashley says:

    The cutest idea. I’m loving this post. Thanks for always inspiring me

    1. Cristi Dame says:

      So glad Ashley!! Let me know if you have any favorite summer activities…I need to add more!

  2. Veronica R de Almeida says:

    Kindergarten is a huge deal not only for a child but also for a parent. It is a clear sign you baby is not little anymore but it is also the start of even better times to come.

    1. Starly says:

      Kudos to you! I hadn’t thughot of that!

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