Shut up and Type.

“Ugh, just shut up and start typing already!”

That’s my inner voice as I sit here staring at this blank page.

I mean where does a person begin?

For the past 7 years I have wanted to officially begin this. Fear and self-doubt have held me hostage. What if nobody reads? What if I don’t have anything great to say? What if I don’t really have the time? What if I can’t write- I stink at spelling…what if …what if…what if.

I’ll wait for the perfect time…I’ll start the moment my house is spotless and organized and everything on my to do list is checked off… then I will start.

7 years later…and I am still here… stuck and afraid. My house is not in order and my to do list is always here. Did I mention that I am 7 months pregnant and about to have BOY #3!!

There will never be the PERFECT moment.

So, what I am I waiting for?

Today is the day.

This is it.

I am going to do it.


Let’s see what happens. Join us on this journey!



Meet the Author: Cristi Dame

Cristi is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in child and parent connection. She has a passion for her family, the outdoors, photography, and mint oreos.

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2 thoughts on “Shut up and Type.”

  1. Ermelin says:

    I read it. This is a beautiful blog. If we wait until everything align perfectly we won’t ever accomplish anything…The perfect time is now.

    1. Cristi Dame says:

      I am so glad you are here! It is so true… I am not sure if everything ever does align perfectly… why keep waiting for it!


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