Never Forget: Make a Memory box

Nixon (my 6 year old): Beck do you have a crush on any girls in school?

Beck (my three year old): Yah I CRUSH girls.

As he made a fist with his hand. Haha we laughed so hard.

Kids say the funniest things and I am always trying to remember what they say to tell my husband at the end of the day but sadly forget the details before he gets home.

I came up with this file system to keep some little family memories in.



I decorated a wooden recipe box and purchased some recipe cards and numbered each card for each day of the month x 12.



Then I labeled the dividers with the month and put the cards behind each month.


So, whenever I have a memory I want to keep- I go to the month and the date and write the year and the memory. It is so fun to go back and read what we have written! Make sure to keep it somewhere you can have access to it!

The full article is on How Does She right here.



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  1. Veronica R. de Almeida says:

    Why didn’t I think of that? Love the idea and so clever!

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