My Christmas follow up

Is it seriously Christmas Eve!!???

I imagined posting a follow up post to this post a lot sooner…like way sooner…but better late then never right? Next year, I will start talking about Christmas more like…well, before Christmas!!

So in response to this post I outlined a very brief and very concise version…because lets be honest who has time to read a blog post today!!? Aren’t we all scrambling around trying to get last minute shopping and wrapping done!

But as I promised… here are some suggestions but please feel free to pass yours this way as well!

1) Lists: instead of focusing on the Christmas Wish List….

-Write lists with your children that encourage them to think outside of themselves. How about a list of service ideas? Or maybe a list of gifts that your kids can make or purchase to give to others?


2) Elf on the Shelf: instead of an elf who moves around throughout the day getting into trouble…

-Have the elves encourage different values and service opportunities. Our elves only move once a day (and that is if they aren’t feeling lazy that day!! ) and often bring notes with ideas on how to serve one another. My kids can’t read so often times I’m making it up as I go depending on what I think they need that day. For example, they were having some contention one day so the elves gave suggestions on ways they could help serve and play with each other! And they actually did it!! It’s amazing the power these little elves have- might as well use it for some good right?


3) Santa: instead of focusing on the gifts santa is bringing:

-Omit the word “wish list” and replace it with “gift suggestions.”  Santa brings ONE gift over here… and it’s great because it keeps it clean and simple and a list never begins. I usually ask the kids to think of 2 or 3 “suggestions” that may help Santa’s elves choose one to make and that they are merely suggestions- no guarantees. We also try to place more emphasis on Christ and his birth and what Christmas really is about for our family. I have loved the 25 days of Chris ornaments! Check it out here for next year!


Lastly, and I believe to be most important….

-Practice how to be a gracious receiver. Literally, have them practice smiling and looking at the person in eyes and saying, “Thank you.” Even if it is a calendar of cats dressed in sweaters. BE GRATEFUL FOR IT!! Then have them write thank you notes to all their givers and pop them in the mail soon after. Gratitude is like kryptonite for entitlement. Encourage children to feel gratitude in their hearts. That’s all I have for today.


Hope your holiday is merry and bright!

besitos, xoxo



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