Mindful Monday: Slowing Down


Lately I feel like I have been running nonstop for the past few weeks- and as a result have not been taking care of a cold that I thought I completely had under control. Sadly, with a few late nights and stressful days- my guard was down and it snuck in making it’s way into my lungs and transforming into a huge. horrible. hacking. beast. of a cough. The irony of it all is that I was so worried about taking care of my kid’s colds and coughs that I completely neglected my own needs.  Now I have a beast living and linguring in my lungs.

How often as a mother or a nurturing women do we put the needs of others before our own essential needs? It feels conflicting because I know how happy I am when I take the time to love and to serve others. But I think that is where people- especially women go wrong. We forget that the caring and nurturing ourselves is just as much a gift of love and by doing so it only enhances the caring and nurturing we can emotionally, physically, and mentally do for others. In the end we are all happy.

Now, as a consequence of my neglect and over extending- my non-stop violent coughing has caused some pre-term labor contractions on a few occasions and has given me a real huge scare and wake-up call. I am 33 weeks and still need to keep this baby cooking. They have been a great reminder to SLOW down a bit and take care of me. I have to set aside a few things to rest- including writing here in this blog and that’s the reason I haven’t been as consistent as I would like around here.

On one hand it feels great to give myself the gift of relaxing, but on the other it has caused me to feel a bit more angst about the piles and piles of things left undone before this baby arrives. But when I really stop to think about what those “things” truly are that are left undone- they don’t seem really that important in the large scheme of things.

Take a little break from whatever mundane task that has you captivated today for one moment and force yourself to take a minute to do something for yourself. Later this week I will give you some of my secrets for organizing those mundane tasks. Until then- enjoy the ones you love. And that includes YOURSELF!!

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One thought on “Mindful Monday: Slowing Down”

  1. Veronica R de Almeida says:

    I love the fact that everything is fine with you and the baby and that is the most important thing. Enjoy your bed rest!


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