Living to Love Challenge: Learning to Let others in.

I had originally started a post last week about what I have personally learned from the 30 days of love challenge that we have been doing- But to my surprise my perspective has once again changed and I started this post over. I have learned not only other ways to love and serve but more importantly, how to accept and receive love from others.

One evening last week I was putting my kids to bed alone because my husband was out of town when I heard the rumbling sound of a lawn mower in our front yard. Trying to be discrete, I peeked through the blinds and tears began streaming down my cheeks. There I saw my sweet brother-in-law mowing our very wild and overgrown lawn.  Having several days of living the single mom life (I don’t know how you ladies do it)  I was feeling exaughsted and worn out- so it brought on such an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude came over me as I watched him do such a simple thing. This kind act couldn’t have come at a better time because the next day I began experiencing some more preterm labor and once again had to lay low in bed leaving my husband with a lot of extra work to do alone.

My challenge experience shifted from focusing on others to focusing on taking care of me and our baby. With two weeks to go before I am in the “safe zone” and despite my stubbornness, I had no choice but to let others in and help me out. My sweet and also very pregnant sister came to help me tidy up and watched my kids so I could go into the doctor. I had friends drop by meals and offer to take my kids to their house and to school.

And don’t even let me get started on my husband who for the past three days has taken on the mom and dad role (and doing a dang good job may I add) as I have laid in my bed listening to him attending to middle of the night nightmares, reading bedtime stories, cooking meals, giving baths, changing diapers, and taking them for bike rides. Admittedly, Listening to all the hussle and bussle and the many many melt downs a tired two year old has in one day actually makes me understand the reason I feel so tired by the end of the day! It was as I was listening to a recording of my day! I had to smile when I woke up from a nap to find my sweet husband pulling out crispy and slightly burned nachos from The oven for the kids to eat. I couldn’t help but take a pic of this cute guy.


It can be so difficult to admit or ask for help. But it feels so comforting when I do; I  know that I am not alone.  Remember, we are never on this journey alone. There are so many others around who would be willing to show us love… but sometimes we have to let them in to do it.


Just some thoughts this lovely morning… we have September’s challenge coming right up!! Get ready to purge!

Besitos, xo







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Cristi is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in child and parent connection. She has a passion for her family, the outdoors, photography, and mint oreos.

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