Two Sisters


As a true Gemini, I like to wear many hats. Mommy and family counselor by day, wife and blogger by night (or in some cases, the wee hours of the morning like 2am, but that’s besides the point). In my quest to never grow up, I followed a career path that allows me to maintain a playful heart and to explore the world with new eyes.

I am a licensed professional counselor specializing in play therapy, sand tray, and expressive art therapy…pretty much any excuse to play and get my hands messy! I’ve worked with children for over 14 years and have learned from them to appreciate finding beauty in the simple everyday life. I am most often found with a camera around my neck and a toddler in toe. I admit to having a slight addiction to mint oreos and an aversion to housework so I try to avoid it at all costs (it’s a problem).

You can find out more about me, my passions, and reasons for writing here in this post.


As is often unsuspected, I’m a Leo. I have a zest for life, but have been described as being calm and gentle. I recently traded cabs for cows as I moved from New York City to Idaho (umm…yeah.) where I am currently in a graduate school for Professional Counseling. My car is most often found full of musical instruments that I cart around for music therapy sessions. I have worked as a music therapist for over 7 years and I love it. I like to think I have it pretty good because I get to make and play music with children by day; and I write, record and perform as a singer-songwriter by night.

I also love spending time with my little family (consisting currently of my husband, my puppy and myself). I know a little bit about fertility issues, and because of this, I am never to be trusted alone at the ZARA store when they are having a sale on baby clothes. I admit to having no concept of time (which I blame on my undiagnosed ADD), and I can spend hours in antique and consignment shops. I am also a food snob (I’m afraid to admit) and I love natural and organic foods and soap products.

You can find out more about me, my passions, and reasons for writing here in this post.


We used to dream about the day we would do a project together that would embody who we are and the beautiful things we both love. One evening we decided to create in our art journals a ‘soul collage’ with the intention of getting a clearer picture of what this blog would be. This is what came from within that night.

Soul Collage

In effort to define what these images meant to us, we narrowed down a list of words that described them and we came up with: Love, Live, Play, Create, Become. These words embody how we want to live our lives and who we want to become! Our blog posts will be tied to at least to one of these five words and some examples of what you might find in future posts are things such as…

Love– Loving others, yourself, and your life

Live– Being fully present and living intentionally and not just by default

Play– Making time to have fun and finding joy in simple things

Create– How to soul collage, ways to use music and art to connect and heal

Become– Shifting the focus from doing to ‘being’ and seeing the big picture

We are by no means experts on all of these topics, but are looking for a space to explore and share ideas with one another on how to BECOME more like these things. We believe that one gains through giving, and our hope is that this blog can be a safe space where people can share their personal experiences, thoughts, insights, and can leave feeling inspired, uplifted, understood, and loved. We are all in this together.


Well that is a good question. Why do we write on this blog? The same reason we do so many other things…and the answer really boils down to…well, love. Yes, love! That is what we want the motivation to be behind all of this; because we love God, we love our families, we love others,  we love ourselves (and this can be the hardest of all sometimes), and we love you.

Let’s be honest, there are often so many things to get done in a small 24-hour period of time, which can make reading or posting on a blog the last thing one has time for! But we feel in our hearts that this is important. We don’t want this is to be a space where one leaves feeling exhausted, discouraged or not “good enough.” We really want to create a space here where one can feel inspired by love instead of being burdened by guilt or feelings of worthlessness. Our hope is that in the midst of ‘to do’ lists, loads of laundry, or emails that have yet to be opened, this space can be one of hope, joy, beauty, strength, insight, and love.

To read more about the Who, What, and Why read our post here. 

Thanks for coming and sharing this journey with us! Hope you stay awhile!