12 Days of Secret Service

Today marks the 12 day count down until Christmas. This year, in effort to stay more focused on the true meaning of Christmas, and as a fun new tradition for our family, we decided to do a 12 days of secret service count down. What’s the 12 days of service, you ask? Well for us, it means that we have committed to doing a secret act of service every day until the big day. Remember how we did the 30 acts of love in August, and I posted about this video Steward Edge did with his surprise secret Santa? You’ve go to watch this video if you haven’t already…I may or may not shed a tear every time I watch it. I seriously love it. My husband and I also find something so fun about surprise acts of service for some reason. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush that sometimes goes along with it? Or maybe it’s just because we love a good surprise. I don’t know, but we’re excited about this new challenge and for the possible new family tradition.

Tonight, for our family night, we are going to fill out this 12 days list. If you have any secret service ideas, please pass them along and share them in the comments. We’d love to hear them!



And I know that most of us have a MILLION LISTS of things we need to DO, and the thought of adding to that is unbearable. I kind of hesitated to do this project for that exact reason. So…in effort to make this fun, meaningful and with little stress attached, we are also going to try to make these secret service projects simple.

Cristi mentioned that one year, they gave their garbage man some hot chocolate one morning when he came by- and from then on, he will often wave and put on a little show with his garbage truck when he sees her boys out front. How sweet is that?!

Anyway, so after we create our 12 days list, I will post about what ideas we’ve come up with and are committed to. Of course…life happens (and I know this now more than ever!), so if we change it up as the week goes along and have to double up on a day, or something like that…it’s really not a big deal. The whole purpose of this isn’t to get a perfect 12 out of 12, it’s just about focusing outward, about opening our hearts, and about striving to love just a little more like Christ does.

If you want to join us in this 12 days of secret service, you can download the list here to fill out.

I was thinking that this could be a fun project to do as a family, or with friends, with work buddies, or on your own even! And please share ideas if you have them; we would really love to hear them. Happy holidays everyone!



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One thought on “12 Days of Secret Service”

  1. Veronica R de Almeida says:

    I love doing the 12 days of service. In Manila the last day of celebrating Christmas is actually January 6th which gives people time to do twelve acts of service between Sep. 1st yes that was not a typo they begin celebrating Christmas in September to Jan. 6th so that gives those people like me enough time to think of what to do.


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